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Beginning Oil Painting



Each Session: 2 hours

5 class sessions

Price: $190

Ben Harden will guide students through short projects each week in the Introduction to Oil Painting and Intermediate Oil Painting.


Students will learn about the materials and tools used for painting and color mixing technique and will explore values and tones in Introduction to Oil Painting

Make Sunday and Wednesday afternoons a time to develop your art. This class is specifically designed for students interested in furthering their understanding of oil painting with personalized instruction. 


Students may choose to either paint from life a still life of their choosing, copy a photo or a master's work.


Elena will give personal instruction for each student’s level of experience. Every student will work on individual projects and receive personalized feedback.  Advanced students will be challenged by more complex projects. 

Supplies are not part of the class fee.

Please bring canvas, oil paints, brushes and oil medium to first class.

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