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Art Challenge One: Making time for art

The first challenge for hopeful artists is making time for the practice of art. Creative impulses and dreams fuel hopes of making the imaginary real but the daily business of life and responsibilities make it easy to let time for making art disappear.

Many of our students at the Boulder School of Fine Art decide to commit to art classes as a way of scheduling art practice into their lives. This not only gives them a chance to connect with other people who are looking to make art an ongoing active part of their days but also improve their level of art technique.

Carving out a few hours a week for a scheduled art class is a good way to begin establishing an art practice routine. Another way is to frame time spent working on art as one's job. Making time for ones art is an absolute essential in order to make art. It's impossible to make art without making time for it in daily life.

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Love it. Thanks Sharon. The War on Art makes it hard for me to remember to make time to do what I love. Your encouragement means a lot! -Brad

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