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Outside and Inside Landscape Painting

June 2, 3 and 4 - Outside and June 9, 10 and 11 - Inside

Outside and Inside Landscape Painting

Sara Sisun

In this two-part workshop, students will learn the fundamental language of landscape painting in oil. The first session will  introduce strategies to simplify the complexity of the landscape and craft an emotional response to the motif. Students will create a series of color studies and sketches from life. The organization of composition, perspective, color, and value will be explored. In the second session, students will learn how outdoor and studio work can be combined to create a final painting. While the first session will focus on alla prima techniques, the second will utilize drawing, layering and underpainting to create a lively final painting.”

Weekend 1:
Day 1: Brief lecture of master work examples and basic ideas of composition/design for landscape, drawing and sketching outdoors, picking a motif
Day 2: Introduction to paint setup and demo, work time with instructor feedback  
Day 3: Painting outdoors continued, optional group critique, suggestions for homework and next steps
Weekend 2:
Day 1: brief lecture of examples- past artists who have worked from landscape study and in studio (classical, impressionist, contemporary). Planning/drawing and underpainting (Gamblin makes a quick-dry umber that would work well to dry initial pass overnight)
Day 2: developing the landscape- values,  color, edges
Day 3: finishing pass, optional critique

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