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The Mischtechnik (Mixed Technique)

June 26-July 14

The Mischtechnik (Mixed Technique)

Philip Rubinov Jacobsen & Mantra Cora

About the Course:

In this painting retreat Prof Phil and Mantra Cora will guide each student in learning a sound and practical version of Mischtechnik, or Indirect Painting based on the principles and procedures of the old Masters of the 14th and 15th centuries, particularly of the Northern Renaissance. This, in combination with the simplicity of a Grisaille, or Brunaille underpainting, an approach inspired by 19th century painters, will help to make these sophisticated techniques easy to learn and manage. The teachers will begin by instructing everyone in the basic fundamental steps in Monochromatic underpainting followed by glazes and layers of both opaque and semi-transparent applications. You will learn to make beautiful glazes with oleo-resin and oil color, and then heightening with white egg tempera, and/or casein, to create a rich luminosity, depth and atmosphere in your work. In this way, paintings become more convincing and the illuminated forms within more believable and alive.

First year students will learn the basic fundamentals of Mischtechnik Principals. Advanced students will learn the use of faster and slower mediums, different grounds, or imprimaturs, characteristics and drying times of oil colors and some tricks of the trade as they are guided through various versions of indirect painting. Discussion on the content and intention of your work will be available. Methods and materials will be a focus for all students. Mantra will also offer ways to construct various grounds in decalcomania, allowing for a spontaneous approach in the beginning stages of painting to create a 'visionary portrait', or another image that may arise. Power-Point lecture presentations will also help to ensure and understanding of the history and methods of the masters. Their style of teaching is a highly individualized approach tailored to fit each participant's individual direction and visual language, in a safe and sacred space.

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