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Boulder School of Fine Art students and instructor
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The  Boulder  School  of  Fine  Art

The Boulder School of Fine Art Program of Classical Art Instruction

BSoFA is a classical art school atelier that offers a complete art curriculum based on European atelier methods as well as other skill based classes for adults and young people. Our instructors are professional artists who have mastered the techniques needed to create realistic portraiture, figure drawing and painting, still lifes and landscape art.

Daytime classes are offered during weekdays and weekends and evening classes are scheduled several times a week.

Located in central Boulder, Colorado, our spacious classrooms take advantage of expansive natural lighting from our north and south facing windows.

The BSoFA Academy is dedicated to providing art students skill building instruction in drawing and painting technique with an emphasis on working from life in north light. Students may attend part and full time while completing the certificate program. 

For students 9-16

Morning Session 9-12

Afternoon Session 1-4

Week 1: July 17-21 Week 2: July 24-28

Student artist posing in front of painting

Learn how to draw and paint using classical techniques in our fundamental art class. For beginning to advanced students

Figure sketches

Classical figure sketching depicts the structure and proportions of the human form with accuracy and personal style. This class is a foundation class for students wishing to draw and paint people

oil paintings of figure model

The long pose figure class offers students an opportunity to work from the same model posing two days a week.

man playing a guitar

Draw and paint from a model dressed in clothing that tells a visual story.

portrait model and students

Our Saturday afternoon portrait class teaches students how to draw a likeness of the model using classical techniques

Painting teacher and student

Take the mystery away from painting with oil paints.


Explore and enjoy the process of painting with a unique medium.

Manga Character Creation
Classical Drawing for Youth
student with drawing

Learn how to create art without limits

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