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Student posing with charcoal drawing of plaster cast mask


In these ongoing weekly classes, students learn the fundamentals of how to draw with charcoal and pencil and paint using the classical techniques practiced by the European artists of the 18th and 19th centuries. Students are guided through a series of exercises that help train the eye to see and then draw accurately the overall gesture, contours and interplay of light, shadow and halftones of plaster cast reproductions of antique sculptures.

Students begin by copying master drawings made by Charles Bargue in the 19th century and used extensively in schools of classical drawing.

Next students will draw and paint from plaster cast reproductions of antique sculptures in in charcoal developing their ability to render accurate proportions and depiction of light and shadow. Next students learn the fundamentals of oil painting in grisaille, and paint handling and modeling form showing light and cool color and accurate values.

Once this has been achieved, students may progress to still-life painting in oil, working on values, color relationships and composition.

all materials needed for beginning drawing projects included as part of class fee

June Classes

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