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Painting Techniques

Pick up the tips that make all the difference.

Ben Harden instructs oil painting student

Introduction to Oil Painting
With Ben Harden

Ben Harden will guide students through short projects each week in the Introduction to Oil Painting class.


Students will learn about the materials and tools used for painting and color mixing technique and will explore values and tones. 


Supplies will be provided as part of the class fee

Eggplant  - H McGarey.JPG

The Art of Colored Pencils

with Heather McGarey

This is a comprehensive class that will cover all aspects of using colored pencil as a fine art medium. You will learn colored pencil fundamentals as well as more advanced techniques that you can use to make your own work of art.

Supplies will be provided as part of the class fee.


Color Theory

with Ben Harden



Each Class: 1.5 hours

Wed May-Jun Color TheoryMay 24, 31 and June 7, 14 and 21

Price: $175

Master the world of color and tone by hands-on mixing and experimenting with oil paints and light.


The class fee covers all supples for the class.

palette and brushes

Ben Harden's Oil Painting Dojo

Learn to mix a rainbow of colors from a few basic colors. Ben will teach the tricks to using a classical limited palette and if time permits, explore several alternate systems used to create dynamic and unique paintings.

Supplies will be provided as part of the class fee

watercolor painting

Watercolor Painting
with Elena Cantor

Explore the wet world of watercolor painting with Elena Cantor in

on Saturdays from 4:30-6

Supplies will be provided as part of the class fee.

acrylic painting of aspen trees

Fun with Acrylics 
with Rick Dallago

Join Rick Dallago for 4 Saturdays in September beginning Saturday, September from 10-12 and 3 Saturdays in October from 1-2:30.


This is a class for all ages and beginners are welcome.


Everyone will walk away with an impressive painting, bursting with color and creativity. We’ll play with various Golden Acrylic Mediums, pour painting, brush tricks, faux painting techniques, and glazing. And we’ll have FUN!

Supplies are provided as part of the class fee.

painting landscape outside

Indoor and Outdoor Landscape Painting

with Sharon Solomon



Each Session: 2.5 hours

4 sessions courses each month

Price: $250/month

Take your painting outdoors in August for 4 sessions and learn how to make plein aire landscape oil painting sketches.

In September, use your plein aire sketches as reference or bring other materials and work to refine them into studio made landscape paintings and explore the power of composition and scale.

All painting supplies needed for class are provided.

wild roses

Academy Alla Prima Flower Painting

with Sharon Solomon



Each Session: 2 hours

6 sessions course

Price: $300

Learn how to paint flowers from life with direct painting using the alla prima method with Sharon Solomon.

All painting supplies needed for class are provided.


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